Payment Options

Buy Nembutal With Bitcoins

Buy Nembutal with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies online from us. We do not only strive to sell our products but we also pay maximum attention to customer privacy and security throughout the process.

We have carefully selected only the most secured and most discreet payment options only. You do not only Buy Nembutal with Bitcoins from us but we also offer other secured payment methods like:

  1. PayPal: Our PayPal option is very strict and we do not offer direct checkout processing as PayPal is able to capture transactions during checkout. To be able to make your payment through PayPal, simply select the option PayPal at checkout and receiver details will be made available to you.
  2. Bank transfers: Bank transfers are generally accepted for all orders above $5000.
  3. Zelle: Generally accepted
  4. Western Union: Simply make the payment using your western online account or pay in store.
  5. MoneyGram: This option is similar to Western Union and they both are very easy, fast and secured without revealing any transactions on your statements.