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Buy Potassium Cyanide Powder online.  (KCN) is a colorless crystalline salt, similar in appearance to sugar, is highly soluble in water. Most KCN is used in gold mining, organic synthesis, and electroplating. Smaller applications include jewelry for chemical gilding and buffing.

It was discovered in 1782 by a Swedish chemist, Carl Wilhelm Scheele, who prepared it from the pigment Prussian blue. Hydrogen cyanide and its compounds are used for many chemical processes, including fumigation, the case hardening of iron and steel, electroplating, and the concentration of ores.

Cyanide is usually diluted with other chemicals to form compounds. Examples of simple cyanide compounds are hydrogen cyanide, sodium cyanide, and potassium cyanide. Certain bacteria, fungi, and algae can produce cyanide, and cyanide is also present in a number of foods and plants. In certain plant foods, including almonds, millet sprouts, lima beans, soy, spinach, bamboo shoots, and cassava roots (which are a major source of food in tropical countries), cyanide occurs naturally as part of sugars or other naturally-occurring compounds. However, the edible parts of plants that are eaten in the United States, including tapioca which is made from cassava roots, contain relatively low amounts of cyanide.

Is Potassium Cyanide Powder Toxic?

If you are familiar with chemicals, you probably know about potassium cyanide. In fact, if you have ever come across the Second World War documentary, you will see soldiers of war used Potassium Cyanide to kill themselves or executed others with the help of (KCN). The most popular ones are Nazi Party soldiers and Black Hand groups. Both groups were involved in the Second World War.

Potassium cyanide is a very poisonous inorganic cyanide salt, which people can use instead of the more popular sodium cyanide. Its chemical formula is KCN. People mostly ship potassium cyanide in tablets or powder form. If you are shipping from us, the available dosages are a 10 mg oral tablet or potassium cyanide powder. Anti-emetic drugs are associated to prevent vomiting.

Uses of Potassium Cyanide Powder

Potassium Cyanide Powder or other compounds of Cyanide are generally used for many chemical processes, including fumigation, the case hardening of iron and steel, electroplating, and the concentration of ores.

Potassium Cyanide Powder also helps  in the extraction of gold and other precious metals in the mining industry. However, the primary use is organic synthesis and preparation of a variety of useful plastics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Other applications are fumigation, photographic developing, electroplating.

How Does Potassium Cyanide Works?

It works by affecting your respiratory system such as causing breathing problems. Once it has entered your body, KCN forms a permanent bond with cytochrome c oxidase, which is an electron acceptor and blocks the cell’s electron transport chain. Because of this, your cells cannot use the oxygen in the blood meaning they also cannot produce the energy that your body needs. Some of the effects of small to moderate doses of potassium cyanide are dizziness,

headaches, and difficulties in breathing. A victim exposed to high doses will probably go into a coma immediately. After the coma, he or she might experience convulsions then death. One way that can help counter the effects of potassium cyanide is taking a significant amount of glucose. Glucose binds to the cyanide fast, disconnecting it to bond with the cells. However, it is not a guarantee that glucose will completely counter the effects of cyanide, but it can reduce the effects.

Where Can You Buy Potassium Cyanide Powder KCN Online?

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